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In this issue we share information on:

Holocaust educational event in memory of 75 years post liberation of Auschwitz;

The Lados List:  Hannah's attempt to escape deportation -- a story of Polish Christians and Jews who formed an illegal humanitarian network to help save people of the Jewish religion and others targeted by Hitler's Third Reich; and

The lives of the children of a Jewish survivor, an Army medical sergeant, and a German, converge with inter-related stories, 

75 years after the liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

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Welcome to our first semiannual newsletter. We want this newsletter to be informative and of value to you, so please do not hesitate to share your feedback to help us improve.

In this issue we share our discoveries through the start up process, photos from our first educational programs, an interview with a pioneer Holocaust film maker, thoughts on Holocaust education, and upcoming events.

In this issue we share our discoveries of past and upcoming programs and a story about finding Ben's liberator and family.

In this issue we share an interview with Sarah Kempker, a Catholic High School teacher, Holocaust educator, and dear friend of Ben Fainer

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