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Erin Dobson, Ben and Michelle Hastings-Mohr

at Steelville High School

Ben regularly spoke of the loss of his mother Hannah and the sufferings he endured. These events were truly bitter sweet, for no matter how difficult retelling his tragic story was, Ben loved and cherished the time he spent with those who came to learn and remember.

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Sam Pivnik

also grew up in Bedzin, Poland and lived in the same building as Hannah and her family – 77 Modrzejowska. 


Sam was imprisoned in Auschwitz, where he should have died on several occasions -- due to illness or the “wave to the left of the gray doeskin-gloved finger of the SS officer”. 


His story is vividly described in his biography: Survivor, Auschwitz, The Death March and My Fight for Freedom, written by J.R. Trow, available on Amazon by following this link. His book was also translated to German and is mandatory high school reading. 

Via family history recently discovered, Hannah's sister Sura was Sam's father's first wife; Sura died in 1918 when she was 24 years of age.


Sam passed away two days before his 91st birthday, which was September 1, 2017.

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