What We Do

To fulfill our mission, we sponsor middle/high school field trips to Holocaust and other learning centers dedicated to teaching mankind about the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity. 

We also sponsor remote visits, if an interested  school cannot  travel to a learning center.  Additionally,  we facilitate, design, partner with or sponsor educational projects with students, communities or government agencies that  are aligned  with our mission.

To Request a Field Trip or Remote Visit, Please Contact Us.

Through Holocaust education, students deepen their historical knowledge and learn what caused the Holocaust, where racism can lead, and how to prevent something similar happening again.

Students carry with them a respect for the memory of the victims.

Student Alline Gillision, Ben and Michelle Hastings-Mohr at

 Steelville High School, Steelville, MO

As students gain insight into the many historical, social, religious, political, and economic factors that cumulatively resulted in the Holocaust, they gain awareness of the complexity of the subject and a perspective on how a convergence of factors can contribute to the disintegration of democratic values. Students come to understand that it is the responsibility of citizens in any society to learn to identify danger signals and to know when to react.

— United States Holocaust Museum

Hirsz Litmanowitz

also grew up in Bedzin, Poland and Hannah knew him as a child, as he was Ben and Majer’s playmate. He holds in his mind and heart the image of Hannah we have never seen.


Hirsz was imprisoned in Auschwitz and was one of the many child victims of Josef Mengele’s inhuman, monstrous experiments.


His family was not spared loses, and only a few survived. His chilling story is available on YouTube by following this link.

Today, at 86, Hirsz actively continues to tell his story.