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About Hannah


Hannah Ida Urman was born May 14, 1912. Her father was a rabbi, as was her grandfather and great grandfathers for several generations. She grew up in Bedzin Poland, married Rubin Fainer and had four children – Bendyt (Ben), Majer, Rozia, and Chaim.  Hannah was a loving mother, who followed her ancestors religious customs. She was approx. 30, when her life was stolen from her. It is unknown exactly when or how, but she and three of her children were murdered. Her son, Ben somehow survived. 

Liquidation of the Bedzin Ghetto. Hannah could be unknowingly walking to

her death in this photo, along with her friends and neighbors.

After defying Hitler and surviving for 86 years, when his doctors told him he was dying, Ben said, "I am not going anywhere yet."


He was not afraid to die; he was afraid that he and particularly his mother, Hannah’s story would be forgotten. 

 At nine years old, Ben lost his mother, siblings, extended family, and all life as he knew it.